Let them eat alternative wedding cake!

Gone are the days when you had to settle on a plain white fruit cake for your wedding. You still may prefer this traditional option, but if not there are a variety of designs now that can really set you apart.  I myself had a naked victoria sponge tower for my rustic wedding, with flowers and strawberries aplenty. Why have one cake, when you could have three small ones in different flavours?

With inspiration from call-me-cupcake.blogspot you could even pick up tips on how to bake your own, roping in some bridesmaids maybe to have a trial run? The DIY wedding is becoming more popular now, with Brides and Grooms wanting to keep costs down.  Adding a splash of colour to your day, these cakes from call me cupcake might inspire you to take a turn from the norm and show your individuality in an edible way!

You seriously need to head over to her blog now for more gorgeous styling, beautiful cakes and the best thing is the recipes are on there too!


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