Boys don’t cry (when their bedroom is awesome).

Sometimes boys get a bad deal when it comes to decor and I think a little inspiration is required to offer something different from the usual football strip wallpaper or cars theme. These favourites can still feature in the room, but there is an opportunity in boys decor to experiment with modern monochrome with touches of primary colour┬áhere and there or to go for a very cool vintage vibe. After all, you don’t have to forego taste and sophistication altogether just because the room is for a child, however you are afforded the chance to be a little reckless sand rock and roll with your choices in a way you may not do in say, your living room.┬áThe below rooms are some of my favourites and I love that a boy doesn’t have to pigeon holed into one style, they can be a little old school, a little vintage or a totally modern rock star and yes, Boys like horses too!

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